Electrical Safety Inspection

ESIElectrical Safety Inspections are typically due every six months. F.E.O. Medical adheres strictly to industry standards and includes, at a minimum, the following in our Electrical Safety Inspection Services: 

  • On-site electrical safety inspections of all biomedical and laboratory equipment using an NIST-calibrated analyzer
  • Physical inspection of the equipment and all of its components
  • Cleaning of enclosure, debris, filters, hoses, and electrical contacts
  • Complete written and cloud-based documentation of service performed
  • Online access to your records
  • Unlimited phone support and consultation  

Our Electrical Safety Inspection service meets and exceeds requirements set forth by several organizations: CMS, FDA, JC, AAAHC, and liability insurance carriers who site several organizations setting standards: NFPA-99; ANSI/AAMI; UL544; CSA; and IEC60601-1.  Learn Why